Storage Considerations
When Moving to Vero Beach

Consider Storing These Items:

Do you have property which you want to keep but which you are unwilling or unable to take with you? Consider storing it. For example, if you are moving to a smaller house in Vero Beach but don't want to sell furniture which will not fit, you can put it in storage. Large tools and work benches can be stored if there is no workspace in your new home. Air conditioners and other appliances which are incompatible with your new home in the Vero Beach area, as well as clothes which are inappropriate for your new climate, can also be put away for your return.

Inspect the storage facility carefully. Ask such questions such as: Is it clean? Are there palates for raising stored items off the floor? Are the rugs rolled or folded and is the rolling or folding done by you or the facility? Are rugs also stored off the floor? Is there evidence of any water damage? Are there sprinklers, fire alarms, and security devices?

Remember Insurance on Stored Items:

Find out if insurance is available through the storage facility or if you will need to get it from your insurance agent.

Clean your property and make any necessary repairs before you store it.

Ask Jim DiMarzo, Premier Estate Properties , about storing facilities in Vero Beach area.

This Homebuyers Tip was excerpted from:

Moving: A Complete Checklist and Guide by Karen G. Adams, Silvercat Publications, San Diego, 1994

ISBN # 0962494569



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