Moving? Notify Your Friends!

Moving to the Vero Beach area;
a Complete Checklist

If you have children, take pictures of their friends and start a scrapbook. Collect addresses and phone numbers so your kids can keep in touch at holidays and other times.

Have your friends pick up any items you are giving away. These should all be out of the way before you begin packing in earnest.

Collect any items which you have loaned to neighbors or friends. Return those which you have borrowed. Pick up items on lay away, anything being repaired or dry cleaned, film being developed, and any other similar articles.

Charity and Coupons:

Donate other things to charity. Get a receipt for tax purposes.

Start saying farewell to friends and neighbors. Making just a few calls a day will give your more time for last minute things as moving day approaches.

Give your new address and phone number in writing to your friends when you see them.

Continue using up your coupons (movie theaters, free passes, pool passes, etc.) Give the rest away.

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This Homebuyers Tip was excerpted from:

Moving... A Complete Checklist and Guide for Relocation by Karen G. Adams, Silvercat Publications, 1994

ISBN # 0962494569


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