Vero Beach – 32963

Here’s our secret…

It’s all Vero Beach – 32963 – Every bit of it.

Everyone who visits here knows that the entire barrier island in Indian River County is Vero Beach – 32963. Only the “locals” know that the barrier island in Indian River County encompasses a city (Vero Beach), a village (Indian River Shores) a town ( Town of Orchid) and unincorporated areas of Indian River County.

Oceanfront Homes in The Moorings

The unincorporated areas start at the south county line. A host of magnificent oceanfront homes and the ocean-to-riverfront community known as The Moorings anchor our southern quarter. The Moorings was started in the late 1960s when more aggressive development was still permitted. The result was hundreds of bulk headed sites with 6’ of water at their docks. It is the areas boater’s paradise.

The City of Vero BeachVero Beach Real Estate and Living

Next is the City of Vero Beach, a 3 mile-wide, 13.1 square mile swath of land that occupies the mid-point of the county. The understated and charming oceanside village that is the icon of this area is within the city limits, as are the Riverside Theater, the Center for the Arts, the Ocean Grill, Bobby’s Restaurant and the boardwalk. Also within the Village are the wonderful Ocean Drive shops, the spectacular Vero Hotel and Spa, Gloria Estefan’s chic Costa d’Este hotel, and a host of other things we associate with this unique and special place.

Indian River Shores Area and Real Estate

Next up to the north comes Indian River Shores, a 5 mile-long piece of the barrier island that contains some of the world’s finest real estate. Indian River Shores has regularly appeared on the “highest net-worth per capita” lists for decades. John's Island, Bermuda Bay, The Estuary, The Shores, Palm Island Plantation, River Club and the Carleton are all in Indian River Shores.

Continuing north, another beautiful couple of miles of an unincorporated area of the county is home to The Disney Resort, Bermuda Club, Sea Oaks and The Seasons.

Town of Orchid

As we cross State Road 510, we arrive into the Town of Orchid, another guaranteed listing on anyone’s “highest per capita” list. The Town of Orchid, long the smallest incorporated town in the state, is home to the fabulous Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club and the unmatched Windsor Golf and Polo Club.

While this probably seems like a patchwork quilt, Vero Beach – 32963 works seamlessly. It stitches together into a barrier island community unmatched anywhere for its real estate, its waterways, its golf and clubs, its village and restaurants, and for its beauty and lifestyle.

The City of Trees…The Gateway to the Tropics. You can call her anything you want. But please make sure you include “simply the best” somewhere in your description of this phenomenal and unique piece of paradise.

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