Real Estate Sales Models: Use Caution!


Why Buyers Don't Recommend Their Builder:

Here's an interesting trivia question: What's the number one reason buyers of new homes in Vero Beach and any other areas, cite for not recommending their builder?

If you said the quality of the home, guess again.  Sixty-eight percent of new buyers said the humiliating sales process of their builder soured them on the whole experience, according to a Minnesota marketing research firm.  And who can blame them?  No matter which state you're in, walk into any new home community and the sales pitch is frighteningly similar.  Even Builder Magazine, the official mouthpiece of the National Association of Home Builders, recognized this problem in an article and described the typical sales process like this:

"The hostess or sales associate greets the customer at the sales office door.  Then, like it or not, the prospects are led to the topo table (the office's centerpiece) to get a bird's-eye view of the community, hear a spiel on the project's benefits and (to instill the first twinges of urgency) see all the little red "sold" dots.  Next, the buyers are delicately grilled ('pre-qualified') about their housing needs and pocket depth, then steered to the wall-mounted floor plan the sales staffer judges they'd like best.  Then the prospects are released (or if it's a slow day, accompanied) to the models."

"Back from the models (assuming they didn't climb over the model's trap fence), the prospects are intercepted, steered to the wall-mounted 'builders' story for another canned spiel, then directed (or accompanied) to a lot. Finally, the sales associate eases the prospects into a cramped closing room to 'work up some numbers'- and to extract a 'be-back' promise or contract."  Sound familiar? The only thing missing is a soundtrack blaring out Janet Jackson's "Control." (I want to be the one... in control!) That's what it's all about, after all, manipulating you both physically (why do you think the models with the fence attached is called a "model trap"?) and psychologically. Builders are control freaks who think the only way to weed out tire-kickers is to treat all buyers like a side of beef that's waiting to be processed.

There are some ways you can take control of the sales process as a buyer in Vero Beach:

Ask Jim DiMarzo, Premier Estate Properties , about sales models in Vero Beach.


This Homebuyers Tip was excerpted from:

Your New House: The Alert Consumer's Guide to Buying and Building a Quality Home, by Alan & Denise Fields, Windsor Peak Press, 2002

ISBN# 0962655686



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